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Been a while

2008-07-17 20:44:52 by brumy929

wow it's been a while since i've submitted something....well i've been working on some sprites (brumy sprites! what!) Yeah i do, and so i've been splitting my time up mostly on working on those and trying to master 3D Studio MAX and Flash, hopefully i'll be submitting more than just music in the near future.....and hopefully in the NEAR future lol. so take a listen to my latest submission ~*floating*~ and tell me what you think, how i can improve you know....critiques. See you guys later, pce!

So what's next

2007-10-08 17:18:42 by brumy929

All right so it seems that 1 of my 2 songs is well liked, and that's more than I expected thus far. Thanks to everyone who's said they liked it and to those to PMed me giving stuff to work on, I'll keep those things in mind ^_^.

So, just to keep everyone updated, I got some new projects that are currently in the mix.
Unfortunetly I don't have a schedule for audio, those things just come and go as inspiration hits me. Currently I have in the midst an arabic tune, an african tune, a trance and a classical loop all just in the begginings of works.
As for flash, well I'm still a noob so to say with macromedia, so I'm still playing aroud with it. I'm also following some flash tutorials here. I may have a quick stick or sprite fight up soon, but for a major project I'm working on a Naruto-style game. If anyone's interested in helping let me know, it'll definetly be easier with more people on the job :p.

New Member = New Songs

2007-10-06 14:05:14 by brumy929

Hey how's everyone doing? Well I finally joined the crew here, I'm hoping to just share some of my works (both flash and music) to anyone willling to watch/listen. I have two audio submissions already, so if you want to take a look and possibly give me some feedback on stuff to improve on that'd be pretty sweet. The song submissions are:

Unwanted War
Battle Preperation
(yes I realize I spelt prepAration wrong, whoops :p)

So far they're both in the classical genre, both kind of have a war-like theme to them.

Other then that, just wanted to say hey and I'll see everyone around :).