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Entry #3

Been a while

2008-07-17 20:44:52 by brumy929

wow it's been a while since i've submitted something....well i've been working on some sprites (brumy sprites! what!) Yeah i do, and so i've been splitting my time up mostly on working on those and trying to master 3D Studio MAX and Flash, hopefully i'll be submitting more than just music in the near future.....and hopefully in the NEAR future lol. so take a listen to my latest submission ~*floating*~ and tell me what you think, how i can improve you know....critiques. See you guys later, pce!


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2008-10-02 10:54:45

Hmm...I like your music submissions,so maybe if you used them in a cool flash remix,I bet they would blend perfectly.Tey all have that great feel to it.


2009-03-05 21:20:39

yeah you make good music :D